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Forbes Builder Magazine – 5 Ways VR Is Making The Real Estate Business Better For Everyone
Published September 7, 2017
Here are a few examples of just how VR is performing in real estates’ new reality.
Forbes BizTech Magazine – 4 Ways Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Reshape Real Estate
Published August 3, 2017
VR and AR technologies can help real estate agents save time and deliver a more alluring experience for clients.
Forbes Forbes –
The Rise Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate

Published June 13, 2017
Thanks to new developments in real estate tech, the days of imagining real estate may soon be behind us.
Inman News Inman News – VR queen Stephanie Davis wants to take you on a virtual listing tour
Published June 7, 2017
The founder and COO of Virtual Xperience will speak during Inman’s Hacker Connect
2016-01-24 VX Press Release 200x100 Virtual Xperience Featured on Showtime’s “Billions”
Published May 31, 2017
Virtual Xperience was recently featured in Season 2 of Showtime’s “Billions”, starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. VX was selected, in part, for its photorealistic quality, value, and experience visualizing pre-construction real estate.
Real Estate Tech News – Virtual Xperience (VX)
Published May 10, 2017
CRE // Tech is the “Center for Innovation” within the commercial real estate industry. The platform’s mission is to connect brokers, owners/developers, investors and service providers with the leading start ups devoted to commercial real estate.
Curaytor – Virtual Reality for Real Estate is Here. Are you ready?
Published February 27, 2017
Brokers and agents who use virtual reality (VR) to enhance their listings, burnish their brand with a tech-savvy shine, and delight sellers and buyers with top-notch marketing that gives them a streamlined way to view homes.
The Philadelphia Inquirer – Virtual-reality house hunting: It’s almost like being there
Published January 29, 2017
Though it’s still in the early stages of adoption in this region, industry observers predict that virtual reality could transform the real estate field’s days of open houses and blueprints into a future of more efficiency and ease.
CBS – Virtual Reality Check
Published January 8, 2017
All sorts of businesses are considering the possibilities. Bradley Stern went shopping for a new townhouse without leaving his realtor’s office. “Everything is so vivid!” he said in a walk-through.
VICE Motherboard – What It’s Like to Use VR to Buy Multimillion Dollar Real Estate
Published September 30, 2016
To make it easier for wealthy people to see their options without the legwork, a virtual reality company is applying Oculus Rift technology to real estate. With Virtual Xperience, a startup founded by Jeff Maurer and Stephanie Davis, you can put on a VR headset and take a tour of a potential apartment or building, whether or not it has been built in real life.
The Cooperator: “The New Architectural Renderings: Marrying Technology and Smart Design”
Published May 2016
The process of design has taken quantum leaps from those days and while it isn’t always feasible to use the latest techniques or technologies, these days you can see what you’re getting before any of the changes even begin. “The Future of Home Showings is Virtual Reality”
Published April 27, 2016
How Virtual Reality is going to change real estate. “Selling the Future: Virtual Reality’s Potential Role in Real Estate”
Published February 26, 2016
With the technology projected to gain more mainstream acceptance this year, many realtors and tech firms see VR headsets becoming a key sales tool.
The Real Deal: “Is virtual reality the next big thing in sales — or is it a gimmick?”
Published February 15, 2016
Top real estate firms and developers — such as Halstead Property, Greenland Forest City Partners and Douglas Elliman Real Estate — are hoping to use the technology to transport potential buyers to a place of yes.
The New York Times: “A New Dimension in Home Buying: Virtual Reality”
Published February 12, 2016
What is now available to consumers and growing more popular is the 3D walk-through.
2016-01-24 VX Press Release 200x100 Virtual Xperience Now Accepting Pre-Orders
Published January 26, 2016
Virtual Xperience announced at the Inman Connect conference that it is now accepting pre-orders from the real estate industry.
2016-01-09 Inman Connect 200x100 18 more Startup Alley participants announced for Inman Connect NY
Published January 8, 2016
Virtual Xperience joins more than 30 Startups demonstrating cutting-edge technology at Inman Connect New York. Inman Connect is a four-day event that explores What’s Next for real estate, bringing together the leaders and companies pushing the industry forward.