Virtual Xperience creates photo-realistic 3D interactive visualizations and virtual reality tours. These first-person digital experiences immerse the user in a virtual space. Virtual Xperience products deliver value to a wide array of industries:

Residential Real Estate Developers
Show off your pre-construction property! Prospective buyers and tenants get a virtual tour of completed spaces, including textures, appliances, furnishings, and even actual views. Accelerate your sales cycle and attract global clientele.

Residential Real Estate Renovations
Virtual Xperience helps you feature the finished renovation, making it easy and safe for clients to experience the renovated property before work is completed.

Residential Real Estate Relocations
Relocation clients can experience properties more efficiently and more conveniently. In-person visits focus on pre-screened properties, accelerating the process.

Residential Real Estate Sales
Prospective buyers access virtual showings 24 hours a day without inconveniencing the seller or tenant. Deliver your property to a global market of buyers, attract more bids, and accelerate your sales cycle.

Residential Real Estate Rentals
Virtual Xperience helps your leasing office give virtual viewings of individual properties as well as common area fitness centers, roof decks, lounges, laundry rooms, and more.

Short-Term Rentals
Individual owners benefit from Virtual Xperience when marketing their vacation rentals and short-term rentals on popular lodging marketplace websites.

Commercial Real Estate
Use Virtual Xperience to create detailed digital experiences of planned or existing commercial real estate.

Executive Housing
Virtual Xperience is ideal for fully furnished properties like executive housing. Clients not only experience the property, but the complete furnishings and views.

College/University Housing
Anxious students and parents can virtually tour student housing. Virtual Xperience presents not only individual rooms, suites, and common spaces, but also the experience of the complete residential community.

Virtual Xperience is perfect for hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, spas, fitness centers, cruise ships, and any other hospitality business. Show off your rooms, renovations, and amenities. Guests can experience your accommodations before making reservations.

Senior Living
Show off your facilities to prospective residents and their families. Virtual Xperience gives them the tools to experience your facilities.

Military Housing
Virtual Xperience lets America’s servicemen and servicewomen explore and experience military housing options from anywhere at any time.

Event Spaces
Prospective clients can walk through your facilities and experience them with different configurations and set-ups. Make your event space stand out!

Architecture and Interior Design Firms
Bring your designs to life with Virtual Xperience. The first-person digital experience helps others see your vision and experience the proposed space in whole new way.